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Water Service Policies

Water Services Policies

Customer Present for Connection:

Water Service will not be connected unless the Customer, or their responsible agent, is on the Premises to inspect the plumbing for leaks and/or open faucets.

In unusual circumstances, as determined by KCBPU, this rule may be waived, but only after the Customer has signed a written release of liability before the Water Service is connected.

The Customer will be required to pay a connection fee as determined by KCBPU.

Leave-On Status:

Landlords can request their properties be placed on a leave-on status for a reduced connection fee as determined by KCBPU.

Meter Reading Necessary:

A meter reading must be made by KCBPU at any time a connection or disconnection service is performed.

In the case of a Customer disconnection and a new Customer connection, on approximately the same date at the same meter, a single reading obtained by KCBPU may be sufficient. In the event there is no access to the meter, the service may be discontinued until the new Customer makes arrangements for a meter reading.

Reselling or Redistributing of Utility Services:

Refer to the Resale of Services policy.

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