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Emergency Tree Trimming

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Emergency Tree Trimming Procedures

At BPU, we know that few things are more inconvenient to you than a power outage, or more dangerous than a downed power line on your property. That is why we do everything we can to get to the root of the problem and prevent these situations from occurring. Simply put, that is why we trim trees. High wind, ice and decay are just a few of the things that can lead to fallen limbs, damaged power lines and costly repairs. So, to ensure reliable service for our customers, BPU maintains a proactive tree trimming program.

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Owner is responsible for maintaining all tree and plant growth on the property. BPU can safely lower power lines before you trim, just ask for our Line Drop Service at 913-573-9535.

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BPU sends an Electric Troubleman when tree-related issues are reported. The troubleman verifies if the issue is a safety concern and requires BPU to trim.

A tree fallen over a powerline.

If a tree caused an outage or is on a power line, call the Electric Outage Line at 913-573-9522. Trees and limbs must be safely cleared from power lines and poles before power can be restored.

Tree branches and leaves around a tree trunk.

Owner is responsible for tree and debris removal when emergency tree trimming is complete. For yard waste disposal options and drop-off sites call UG Waste Management at 913-573-5400.

A repairman in a lift fixing a powerline.

BPU provides tree trimming of plants and trees on the customer’s property to address safety concerns and to restore service.


For electric issues/concerns, please call 913-573-9522.

Always call
to be sure it's safe to trim or remove trees around power lines.

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Watch our video to learn about BPU’s scheduled tree maintenance and emergency tree trimming procedures, as well as the role you play.


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