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How to report streetlight issues in Kansas City, Kansas


Streetlights play an important role in Kansas City, Kansas. They light our roads and sidewalks, plus they make it easier for us to see drivers and pedestrians. While the Unified Government (UG) owns and decides where streetlights are needed, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is responsible for repairing nearly 19,000 streetlights and over 5,500 private area lights in our community.


Streetlight repairs. Call BPU at 913-573-9522 anytime to report streetlight ssues. Pole numbers help BPU find the location. Please provide a pole number, address or cross streets with a summary of the problem.


New streetlights & private area lights. The UG and BPU depend on community residents to report when new streetlights are needed or when they are in need of repairs. To request a new streetlight call the UG at 913-573-5311. Private area lights for backyards, alleys and parking lots can be requested from BPU at 913-573-9531.


Streetlight callback process. BPU’s service area is divided into seven zones. Streetlight repair and replacement times can vary for each zone. To let residents know that their repair request is important and has been processed, BPU recently added a callback feature to their phone system.

Once BPU creates a work order for streetlight repair, you will receive a callback message letting you know the problem is being addressed. Once repairs are scheduled, you will receive a second message with the approximate time of when repairs will be completed.


What’s next. The UG and BPU are reviewing options to replace current streetlights with LED lights. LED’s use 40% less energy, improve visibility, and last longer.


Know the number to call:
A Streetlight Needs Repair: (913) 573-9522
Request A New Streetlight: (913) 573-5311
Order Private Area Lighting: (913) 573-9531

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Watch our video to learn how to report streetlight repairs, request new streetlights or order private area lighting.


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