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The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities’ (BPU) provides thousands of area businesses with a reliable electric and quality water supply so they can take care of everyday business needs.

Electric rates in Kansas City, Kansas, are very stable, more so than in most areas of the United States. BPU realizes and understands that reliable electric power is just as crucial as competitive rates and price stability in order for businesses to operate profitably.

Rigorous water testing is done to ensure the highest purity of water quality and our extensive water distribution and storage network offers an ample water supply to meet the large, daily operating demands of our business customers.

Water service
Water is something many take for granted. But the fact is, clean dependable water is an essential part of everyday business and the community alike. That’s why BPU takes water purification, storage and distribution very seriously. Our mission is to have available upon demand, to all our customers, good quality water and to provide that water in the most efficient manner possible. At BPU, water has been our business for more than 100 years.

Our state-of-the-art collector well and treatment plant provides up to 45 million gallons of clean water, which is delivered daily to businesses and households throughout our community. Another 24 million gallons are kept in reserve for emergency situations.

Testing is carefully administered to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act as well as all state and local regulations. BPU works hard to ensure that the quality, award-winning water its customers receive today, is available for generations to come.

Electric service
For large and small businesses alike, BPU serves the community with dependable and reliable electric service. Electric service is supplied to your business at some of the lowest rates in the nation and backed by a skilled staff of individuals with years of experience.

You can count on BPU to partner with you and your business to help make the right decisions that will lower your overall operating expenses and increase your bottom-line profits.

BPU offers rebates for the installation of electric heating equipment in new or existing commercial and industrial properties within the BPU electric service territory. With technology advances in heat pump compressors, heat exchangers, motors, fans and blowers, electric heat is an excellent option and one of the best investments you will make.

The benefits of electric heating:

  • Significant savings with lower out-of-pocket first-time costs
  • Lower expenses in the development and building construction phases of your project
  • Greater efficiency – heat pumps produce three times more heat energy than they use
  • Cost stability – electric rates move slowly and do not experience the volatility of other forms of heating; plus this type of heat can be produced from several sources
  • Reliability – with a consistent and constant flow of power
  • Contact BPU’s Commercial Energy Representative at (913) 573-9988 during the design phase of your commercial or industrial project to determine potential rebates that could be available to you.

Rebates available for commercial customers:
Installation of electric heating equipment in new and existing commercial buildingscommercial customers: helps build winter electric heating load at BPU and increases the Utilities Annual Electric System load factor, which ultimately helps to keep electric rates down.

Rebates add to your bottom line and low rates benefit the end user. It’s a win-win situation that BPU is proud to be a part of.

Rebates are available for the following:

  • The installation of all electric or dual-fuel heat pumps.
  • Installation of electric resistance heating systems. Common electric resistance heating systems include: all electric rooftop units, electric boilers, radiant heating systems and baseboard electric strips. (Electric resistance heating systems used as backup for a heat pump do not qualify for rebates since incentives are already rebated for the heat pump installation.)
  • New electric water heater installation.
  • All-electric apartments per unit installation on a new or retrofit heat pump and an electric water heater, 40 gallons or larger. Apartments installing an add-on or all-electric heat pump without a new electric water heater will receive a partial rebate per unit.

*For rebate qualification heating and cooling equipment must be installed by a currently licensed heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) dealer registered in Kansas City, Kansas. A site inspection will be made by BPU’s Commercial Energy Representative to verify the equipment installation, and, upon successful completion of the site inspection, a rebate check will be issued to the owner of the commercial building or project.

**Cooling/heating equipment utilizing energy sources other than electricity do not qualify for this program.


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