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Commercial Heat Rate Program
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Commercial Heat Rate Program

At BPU, we’re committed to the health and growth of our community. And that means we’re committed to local businesses and industries.

Part of that commitment is bringing you the best possible electric rates to help you maximize your business’ potential. From the smallest ‘mom-and-pop’ stores or restaurants to the biggest commercial enterprises in Kansas City, Kansas, BPU wants you to succeed.

That’s why we offer commercial and industrial electric heat rates. If your primary source of heat is electric, or if you use heat pumps as a main source for heating your business, a reduced electric rate can really add up!

We have Electric Commercial Heating Rates available in most classes of commercial and industrial rates, such as our Small General Service Electric Heating Rate, with codes from 201-223. The Medium General Service Electric Heating Rate, with codes from 251-263. Our Large Commercial Electric Heating Rate with codes from 301-323. And finally, our Large Power Service Electric Heating Rate with codes from 401-447.

Commercial and industrial electric heat rate information and documentation.

Click the below links for more information and applicable forms.

Application Form

Commercial electric heat rate application form

Heating Program

Electric heat program for new and existing commercial customers

Incentives Summary

Commercial incentives summary

Bid Incentive

HVAC dealer bid incentive

Notification Form

Dealer heat pump notification form

Project Charges

Charges for a total electric project (Builder & Developer)

Electric Living

Advantages of electric living (Builder & Developer)


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